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September 10, 2017
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A little glimpse…

This is a little glimpse of who we work with.

The Silent Holocaust…

War is found across the globe. And no matter where it’s taking place, it brings devastation, exploitation and a widespread of human rights violations to its civilians. Just as other countries, Guatemala was not left untouched by the destruction of war. This is a period in time also referred to as “The silent Holocaust.”  With 200,000 civilian deaths and 1.5 million chased from their homes during the 36 year war, the people of Guatemala continues to find a way to press forward. Most were of Mayan descent and a high percentage were men, leaving many women to help lift the hearts of their family and friends and providing for their homes.

Guatemala is just one country, and their war was brutal, but across the globe there are many wars that have been fought or are being battled, leaving people hoping for a change, a new life and a new beginning. However, despite the bad that exists, there is so much good that is found. There are women  that we have been given the opportunity to speak and work with. Each has the heart and desire to help as they expressed to a group of women “come and don’t worry, together we will weave and press forward.” It serves as a support group, as well as a means of bringing an income with every purchased textile. They weave to help lighten the weight of stress and emotional scars in life. We are honored to be a part of this great work in an effort to bring hope and light to their life.

Together we can all create change.



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