The Man Behind The Scene

He grew up in a world where their greatest struggle was one that is often battled in Guatemala. His family often commuted trying to make it day by day and spent some time living in the beautiful paths within the jungle. When they moved into the town, his father asked him what he wanted to learn to be self sufficient in life. He was given various options that were available in his tiny town from auto mechanic, to watchmaker, hairstylist, and tailor. He opted for tailor even though up to that moment he had never used a needle, a tape measure, or even understood the different complexions of the human body.

His father walked him to one of the best known little tailor shops in his town and left him there to learn the tricks of the trade, and up to that moment it had been a different world in his life.

At the age of ten, it was neither interesting or fun, but each day after school he learned his route to the shop. And with frequency, he would fall asleep in his chair while observing the tailors cutting or sewing pants, only to be awakened with the pinch of a needle.

At the age of twelve, he sat and worked at the level of the other Master tailors in the shop.

“I was a part of the group of tailors and began to earn a little bit of money that I happily brought home to help my father satisfy some of the necessities within our family, which were many.” 

His life has taken him through different paths from photography, accounting and to the technical part of oil drilling. But, in the end, the trade he learned at such a young age remains one of his greatest passions.

With creativity and the fascination to always create something new, it pleases him to put within your reach a bit of the artistry and beauty stamped within the textiles found in our products.

May you enjoy each piece that has been created by talented people across the globe. They share a bit of their world, their culture, and their story within each peace.  And may you feel pride in knowing that you are the link joining us all together as we connect across the globe, and that you helped provide an education, health, or self reliance through our friends from World Link Partners.

An Evening in the Jungle

Thoughts from the Designer

“The grandeur of the moment in every sunset in a tropical forest is always a unique experience…the nuances of the sunlight contrasting with the color of the vegetation, the green of the trees, the diversity of color and shape of the wild flowers…the capricious forms of the trees that resist dyeing, which with their dry branches defy the wind, sun and rain.

I spent a few years of my childhood in the jungle area of ​​southwestern Guatemala. At that time copious with great and beautiful tropical forests, I enjoyed one of the greatest experiences of my childhood when being in constant contact with nature.

Every sunset was a paradisiacal experience. I remember walking among the weeds when evening came, listening to countless birds, their squawking as they fluttered among the trees, and hearing them enjoy the tiny seeds or the nocturnal insects that were starting to fall in the evening, or simply their song of rejoice as they looked for a spot to rest for the night.

In short, this was an extraordinary experience, and I would say a good experience for the spirit. This direct contact with nature is not lost when leaving the forest, but I take it with me and it feeds on the grandeur of the colors and the intrinsic beauty of the textiles of my Mayan people or other cultures from around the world.

I have a dream, or if I cannot accomplish it then I leave for my children, to contribute in intellectual and economic development for the little kids and youth of the mayan people. With that in mind, we have created Ámide Kids, not just to remark on the beauty and value of the textiles, but to literally make a difference in the life of the children and youth less fortunate and to help them obtain the economic means necessary to move forth.” Erwin Portillo