We exist to bring a touch of gentle beauty and culture to our precious little ones. The styles we create will contain handcrafted art that will be incorporated to celebrate talent from Guatemala and around the world, bringing and linking everyone together through our apparel. May your little one’s grow discovering the world and the beauty and talent that exists in every soul in every corner of this amazing world.

Our Name

First, you’re probably wondering how to say Ámide. Do you know Wolfgang Amadeus? It sounds just like Amadeus with the “us” cut off. It has nothing to do with him haha, but we do love his amazing work.

Ámide Kids you wonder? It’s pretty simple…It represents our family. The letters are a compilation and representation of the first letter of each member in our family, because we are a family working together to bring a bit of the art work found within textiles from around the world. 

We hope that our little ones may grow discovering the beauty that can be found across the globe, all while also realizing that they too can make a difference.

To learn more about us, visit our pages about the designer and a “One on One” about our textiles.