A little ONE on ONE about our textiles.

Our goal is to share textile art with the world through our apparel and help to provide sustainable income to artisans from Guatemala, and to weavers from around the world. We work and collaborate with different organizations to provide an array of textiles from across the globe.

Each woven piece is crafted by hand and has its own individual characteristics, which contributes to the unique and special nature of our product. Embedded in each textile is a voice, a story, and the history of an ancient culture that we hope to see more of and to share with the world.

Some of our products are made using special woven designs created just for Ámide Kids, and some of our products are made using a vintage selection of textiles found in our Heritage Collection.

The textiles found in our Heritage Collection are one of a kind pieces. We can only create a limited number of garments with the same design until the textile runs out, so be sure to make your selection quickly before it’s gone. This collection features vintage Mayan textiles, which is a gift from the past generations to the world. They contain so much History! Look for our Heritage Collection tag for these vintage designs.

The image below is a traditional Guatemalan outfit to help you understand the lengths of fabric that we have to work with. We try to create a variety of sizes with the same textile, but they are limited. Each piece of clothing has a purpose and each played a unique role in their traditional attire.