Here you will find some basic information on caring for Ámide Kids products. The textiles in our products are carefully selected and treasured for their beauty, history and skilled artistry. Most of our textiles are vintage and have years of history imprinted within them. For this reason, there may be an occasional loose thread. We try our best to address any blemish we may find. We thoroughly inspect every article before it leaves our presence. In the case that you have a loose thread from day to day wear etc., DO NOT pull the thread. You may easily clip the loose thread and that should take care of it.


To maintain and care for your shoes, you may follow the instructions below. However, most of our shoes should be easy to care for by spot cleaning the area with a moist towel or soft bristled brush. For more extensive care, you may continue with the following instructions.

To prevent water damage to your shoes, you may waterproof them by applying a water repellent spray such as Scotchgard. In the case that they did get soaked, we recommend you towel dry any water that you can right away. Place newspaper or a towel inside the shoe to absorb the moisture from the interior. Allow your shoes to dry slowly at room temperature. Follow up with leather cleaner and conditioner once they dry.

Brush or wipe off dirt and debris using a soft-bristled brush or cotton cloth. There are a variety of products sold to clean and condition leather. Be sure to apply on leather only and not on the textile. Please read their instructions carefully as over saturating can cause damage. You can use leather cleaners such as Saddle Soap or Blackrock Leather ‘N’ Rich Cleaner and Conditioner for smooth leathers. For suede and nubuck leathers, use Lincoln EZ Cleaner with the accompanying brush.


Please refer to the product care label for specific instructions on each particular item. Most labels will instruct you to set the washing machine cycle to gentle, and to use cold water. Garments should be washed inside out to avoid any snagging. Remove promptly from dryer to avoid wrinkles forming.

For our items containing silk, hand-wash using cold water and hang to dry. Take care not to wring it out.
Contact us if you need further assistance at [email protected].