Where Amide Kids began…

There was a boy who often went to school with pants that once reached his feet, and then later reached his knees. His parents could barely afford to buy him new clothes or shoes. But one day, his Dad took him to a little shoe store and they found a pair that they saved enough for. The pair had sat in the corner shelf, dusty with material gone stale from a time of neglect and unwant through the years.

He was told to remove his shoes as soon as he arrived home from school to keep them from wearing out any further. But he didn’t listen. He went in for the ball to score the big one with a single kick…but he missed. Instead, he hit the cobblestone that adorned the street. He was standing there now with his toes exposed, knowing that he had to fix what his parents worked so hard for. He wrapped and wrapped a wire around his shoe trying to mend it.

His walk through life has been nothing short of interesting every step of the way. He walked through it learning the many lessons of life, trying to change and break the cycle that can continue through generations. Now a man who was once this little boy, designs our shoes, shoes that he hopes will help change lives and create opportunities. He believes in the power of opportunity, so with every shoe purchase, you make a difference in every step giving a portion to a young student striving to better their life and break the chains of poverty.

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